Venetian Masquerade Masks: Steal the Show at the Ball.

Attending a masquerade ball is seen all over the world as a unique, once in a lifetime experience. Even more so if you can attend one in the city of Venice.

The challenge, but also the fun, lies in the crucial question: how shall I dress?

When we decide to dress up in costume, we all want to make a good impression and feel unique. That is why we at Original Venice have decided to put together a brief guide on how to choose a full Venetian look that will blow everyone away.
Let's start with the most important part: choosing the perfect Venetian Masquerade Mask.

The first distinction to make is between Venetian Masquerade Masks for men and Venetian Masquerade Masks for women.

For her:

  1. Augusta Macramé: Venetian Masquerade Mask with a papier-mâché base, decorated with silver lace. One of our most popular designs. Simple and elegant, it covers the eyes and nose but leaves the lips exposed, lending an air of mystery and sensuality.
  2. Rosalinda: papier-mâché Venetian Masquerade Mask adorned with long pink and white feathers. You will stand out from the crowd. The magnificence and majesty of this design will have everybody asking who is concealed behind the mask.
  3. Sexy masks in delicate filigree: carved from iron and brass, hand-painted, comfortable on the skin and fully flexible to conform perfectly to your face. This line of masks have become fashionable in the last few decades, and they continue to captivate with their sheer quality. Without a doubt, they will become another weapon of seduction.

Curved Classic Zanni Zanni Red Craquelè curved-zanni_1.jpg

For him:

  1. Palio: papier-mâché Venetian Masquerade Mask decorated by hand with gold detailing on a black background. Although this is a unisex mask, it remains the most popular choice for gentlemen simply because it is both elegant and comfortable. It gives you complete freedom, making it possible to eat and drink without having to take the mask off.
  2. Casanova with Lace: the wonderful damask fabric decoration is the star of this classy mask. Venice's most renowned seducer needs no introduction. For those who intend to seduce, this mask is the ideal choice.
  3. Damask Joker 13 points: papier-mâché Venetian Masquerade Mask embellished with damask fabric, which covers the entire face. Crazy and wacky, but also cunning and clever: this is how we would describe the joker. For those who want to play a more controversial character, something out of the ordinary, this Venetian Masquerade Mask is the obvious choice.

Curved Classic Zanni Zanni Red Craquelè curved-zanni_1.jpg

To complete your outfit, don't forget the accessories. They are an essential complement to your mask. We have three recommendations:

  1. Unisex Ducal Cloak: in yellow satin layered with black lace, with hood. The colour of the cloak perfectly complements masks in gold and black. A perfect choice for both him and her.
  2. Madame Pompadour Hat: Women's 18th century style tricorn embellished with a gold trim, a black satin and lace ribbon, and a black taffeta bow and double feather to one side. You don't want the inconvenience of a mask, but you still want to steal the show? Then this is the choice for you: a hat of the highest quality which simply cannot go unnoticed.
  3. Ducal Corno Hat: The quintessential headwear of Venice's highest authority, the doge. To be matched with a regal cloak, we recommend our Unisex Red Velvet Cloak with Hood. This costume can also be worn without a mask, but who could resist the charm of a Venetian ruler?

If we still haven't given you a clear idea of what to wear, we have another solution for you. Our complete outfits for him and for her—just choose the one which works for you!

See the exclusive Original Venice® outfits here

Curved Classic Zanni Zanni Red Craquelè curved-zanni_1.jpg

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