Lampworked glass beetles

Murano glass beetles made with lampworking.
They are made without the use of moulds, only by hand with pliers. The colours are made with dichroic glass to make the veins more realistic and are then sandblasted to give the beetle a rough and ‘lifelike’ appearance.
The lampworking process is carried out by very few Venetian masters and is known for the quality and precision it gives to the objects made. The fine, smooth glass is the forged by hand using an open flame. Transparent or opaque colour combinations are fused using different semi-finished glass ‘rods’.
Being handmade, each piece is unique in its details.

Cetonia aurata


Chelorrhina kraatzi


Coptolabrus augustus (purple amber)


Coptolabrus augustus (purple blue)


Goliathus goliatus quadrimaculatus


Heterorrhina sexmaculata