Murano Glass Mirrors

Enjoy our selection of Venetian Mirrors exclusively Murano glass handmade by expert glass masters of Murano itself. All the components are totally handmade such us the curls, reeds, rosettes, leaves and double flowers; the colors are melting and it uses only 24 carat gold.

Accademia (On Demand)

Lady and Gentleman Pair (On Demand)

Giudecca (On Demand)

Cannaregio (On Demand)

Dorsoduro (On Demand)

Ducale (On Demand)

Zattere (On Demand)

Castello (On Demand)

Ausilia Table (On Demand)

Dionisia Table (On Demand)

Minerva Table (On Demand)

Letizia Table (On Demand)

Rialto (On Demand)

Ortensia Table (On Demand)