The forcola is the unmistakable oarpost or rowlock used in venetian rowing. it exists in a wide range of shapes, depending on the kind of boat, on the rowing position of the oarsman and also on its use: work, pastime or regatta. Therefore the forcola is cut and shaped to measure for each oarsman. It is preferably cut out of a national walnut trunk, while less frequently cherry, pear and maple wood are used. The chosen wood diameter has to measure 60 cm or more. the wood is accurately selected, cut into quarters, then deprived of its bark and left to season for at least 3 years. After the forcola is sketched on the quarter, the shaping work begins using a bandsaw and afterwards gets on to its entirely manual phase, during which the artisan' skills and competence are expressed in the design selection, bestowing original and unique shapes to each item.

Bow Forcola (Rowlock) "Sciopon"


Stern Forcola for "Sandolo" (Regatta)


Stern Forcola "Sandolo" regatta boat (two morsi)


Bow Forcola for "Sandolo" boat


Traditional Stern Forcola for "Gondola" boat


Traditional Stern Forcola for "Gondola" boat Miniature