Venetian Artistic Foundry: the tradition of working brass and bronze

Although artistic foundries have always been a symbol of the city of the Serenissima, this magnificent union is unfortunately being lost. These days we are the only ones left who carry on this centuries-old tradition and we have no intention of stopping

We asked our Maestro Roberto to explain in detail his vision on foundries and how our Bronze and Brass objects are made. This was his response:

“Our idea is to continue the tradition of working brass and bronze, a typical Venetian activity which is being lost over time. The procedure is the same as always, "stirrup", with the incandescent liquid metal poured into the moulds. The metals are brought to the melting point and poured into a cast with the final shape of the object to be made. Once the metals have cooled, the object made is extracted, polished and patinated."

Our foundry manufactures various types of bronze and brass objects:

  • Brass masks: reproductions of masks from Venetian tradition and from the commedia dell'arte: (product images overview)
  • Door Knockers: Typical on the island of Venice, they are made with the utmost precision and attention to detail (product images overview)
  • Bells: From the classic kind with a circular shape to the more traditional ones which reproduce the heads of the lions of San Marco, they give a touch of class to the entrance of your house. (product images overview)
  • Venetian Reproductions: Home ornaments which faithfully reproduce iconic objects of the City of Venice (from the Lion of San Marco to the typical street lamps found on the banks of the Grand Canal)

Discover all the treasures of the last Venetian Artistic Foundry and Roberto's secrets here

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