Venice Carnival Mask: The 10 Original Venice® Best sellers

Carnival 2020 is coming and we at Original Venice® have decided to make a list of our top 10 best-selling products for the event of the year.
The atmosphere in Venice is already buzzing with anticipation. Preparations are now complete and the streets of ‘La Serenissima’ is ready to host the millions of tourists that pour into the streets that cross the canals every year.
The first masks and costumes are beginning to be seen, the fritelle and crostoli have arrived, and the air is full of excitement for the most fascinating period of our beautiful city.
Have you got your costume ready yet? Are you going for something classic, or new and original?
We’ve compiled a list below of our 10 Best Sellers for Carnival 2020. So far, here are the best-selling products since the beginning of 2020 to help inspire you to create the perfect look.

  1. Classic Tricorn: coming in first place, our perennial best seller, the Classic Venetian Tricorne hat. Easily combined with many looks, light weight and always fashionable, the Tricorne hat is always a good starting point when creating your perfect costume.
  2. Unisex Cloak with Hood: In addition to the hat, another accessory that our customers never go without is our Black Cape. A perfect match when paired with a Tricorne hat, this cape instantly gives your look a unique style, and the price can’t be beat.
  3. Ginevra Gold with Strass: the first newcomer to our best seller list also happens to be the best-selling mask of 2020, our Geneva Gold with Rhinestones. Sparkling and embellished with small Swarovski crystals, it’s easy to see why this is often our customers’ first choice.
  4. Phantom of the Opera (Eye Mask): One of the most recent creations in our catalogue, it immediately takes fourth place in our special ranking. Its fantasy/horror theme linked to romance is striking for its particular shape, which covers only one eye and creates a sense of fascination and mystery.
  5. Fiorenza: In fifth place, another great classic. It’s decorated with blue and black feathers and has always fascinated our customers thanks to its combination of opulence and discretion.
  6. Black & White Mask Eye Mask: Simple, elegant and classy, this mask can be combined with any look. Black and white blend perfectly in the most modern of mixes.
  7. Golden Edge Tricorn: A variant of the classic tricorne, it adds a striking golden edge detailing, perfect when combined with a gold mask or accessory.
  8. Ginevra: The black version of the Geneva Gold for a more sober but always very seductive choice. Perfect for more formal contexts where the mask must be a refined and delicate accessory.
  9. Palio: Black eye mask embellished with a gold decoration completely handmade by our Masters. This product has also been part of the best sellers for many years now.
  10. Romeo: The archetypal symbol of tormented love could not be left off this list, and in fact in tenth place we find our Romeo. Men, if you are looking for love, this is the only choice you need to make.

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