The Gondola's 'Forcola', or rowlock

We cannot truly know Venice and its history without knowing about the Forcola of the boats that are so symbolic of the city.

Who among us is not familiar with the image of Venetian gondolas, a form of water transport that for millennia has brought life to the canals of the city? Along with the boats, the figure of the gondolier is also well-known - protagonist since time immemorial of daily city life. Their rowing technique, the so-called ”voga veneta", or the style of the rower, is unlike any other worldwide.

But how many of us know that each Gondola has its own unique and inimitable Forcola?

Let's start from the beginning, what is the Forcola of the Gondola and what is it for: The Venetian Forcola is the gondola's rowlock, an essential element for rowing. On its curves the gondolier rests his oar and thanks to its particular shape he is able to maneuver the boat with the utmost precision. The master artisans who produce them exist only in Venice, and work according to centuries-old tradition. They are called the "Remèri". Over time the Forcola has become more and more elaborate, and its functionality more and more refined, such that the curves and edges of today's models allow the gondolier to make virtually any maneuver by slight shifts in the point of support of his oar. The Forcolas are made of walnut or cherry wood, hand carved by the Remèr down to the smallest detail. Their unique design, made according to the needs of the gondolier and his particular rowing style, have given these instruments true cult status.

Today, in addition to being used in gondolas, Forcolas are designer objects sought after for their elegance and their intrinsic tradition.
Piero, our Rèmer, is one of the few remaining Masters of his trade, and his technique has made him famous throughout Venice.
Our models are authentic wooden Forcolas, the perfect complement to your interior furnishings. In addition, we have also produced a miniature version of these magnificent sculptures, which faithfully recreates every detail of the original Forcolas.

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