We are proud to carry on a tradition that has deep roots in the history of Venice. Venetian hats are not just headgear, but true symbols of a unique city. From the elegant silhouettes of the Tricorni, proudly worn by noblemen, to the practical Gondolier Hats, each piece tells a story of Venetian fashion, culture and craftsmanship. Let's discover together the timeless appeal of these iconic hats.

Gondolier's Hat: the great Venetian classic

The Gondolier's Hat is more than just an accessory: it is a symbol of Venice. We offer a variety of these hats, such as our Unisex Gondolier Red, perfect for those who want a splash of colour, and the Unisex Gondolier Blue, ideal for a more sober look. These handcrafted hats carry the history of the Venetian gondoliers, who have plied the waters of the canals with elegance and skill for centuries.

Venetian Tricorn: iconic headdress of the Venetian tradition

The Venetian Tricorn is a living tribute to 18th century elegance. In our assortment, the Classic Tricorn represents tradition in pure form, while the Red Tricorn Gold Thread adds a touch of luxury with golden details. For those looking for something different, our Unisex White Tricorn is a bold, eye-catching choice.

Ducal horn: the Doge's hat

The Doge's Horn is more than a headgear: it is a piece of history. This hat, a symbol of the power and status of the Doge of Venice, is crafted with the utmost care, reflecting the magnificence and grandeur of Venice's past. Every detail is taken care of to ensure that the hat is not only a stylish accessory, but also a piece of history that can be worn.

Bicorn Hat: the authentic hat worn by Napoleon

The Bicorn Hat, famous for being worn by Napoleon, is another of our historical pieces. We offer several variants, such as the refined Unisex Bicorn Decorated, the imposing Unisex Napoleon and the classic Bicorn. These hats are not just pieces of a costume, but fragments of history that carry with them the elegance and power of a bygone era.

Venetian hats are more than just accessories. They are a journey through time, a dive into the rich history and culture of Venice. At Original Venice Shop, we are committed to preserving these traditions, offering quality handcrafted products that tell unique stories. 

Whether you are a tourist looking for an authentic memento, a passionate collector, a participant in cultural events, a lover of Italian history and culture, a designer, a customer looking for a special gift, or a creative artist, our Venetian hats are made for you. Discover our collection and take home a piece of Venice!

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