Costume & Accessories

Venetian carnival costumes and original accessories produced by master craftsmen. Original Venice offers a curated selection of exclusively Made in Italy–or rather–Made in Venice, products that are part of the tradition of the city of Venice. You can create your costume by choosing from our hats, capes, dresses, walking sticks and many other precious accessories finely handmade with top quality materials to ensure comfort and fun.

Walking stick Pointer


Unisex Gold & Silver Tricorn


Lace cape with roses


Walking stick Duck


Blue Full Wheel Cloak


Small bowler


Walking stick Red Leaf


Unisex Plague Doctor Hat


Red Full-Wheel cape


Walking stick Colored Sphere 001

Ready to ship

Satin tabard


Barchetta Pink Small


Walking stick Pillbox

Ready to ship

Velvet Edge Tricorn Hat

Ready to ship

Mantle of the Podestà


Tricorn Countess


Walking stick Colored Sphere 002


Columbus Tricorn


Wool Tabard Cloak


Walking stick Lion 003


Lace Cloak Duchess


Unisex Bicorn Decorated


Gold Cortese Cloak


Tricorn With Veil


Mini Barchetta Purple With Veil


Basque hat


Stately overcape


Unisex Big Tricorn


Belle Epoque wool tabard


Black Bowler Hat


Elite Satin Cloak


Stately Tricorn


Medieval hat


Unisex Barchetta Black


Tricorn Hat with Lace and Feather


Procession Hooded Cloak


Woman Hat With Leaves


Fantasy Cloak


Ducal Corno Hat


Curled Hooded Cloak


Lace Tricorn


Velvet cape


Men's tuba


Dante cloak


Little Red Riding Hood Cloak


Tricorn Pisani


Tricorn Marabou


Queen of Hearts Cloak


Sachet hat with lace


Musketeer hat


Piacentina cape


Chancellor cape


Tricorn Cortese


Promenade Cylinder


Sicilian wool cape


Men's Venetian straw hat


Lido cylinder


Procession Tricorn

Ready to ship

Wool felt felucona