I have always lived on Murano the island that raised me, and I am in love with its special history related to glass, something that you breathe in the city.
My technique for working Murano glass is lampworking, a technique that requires concentration and skill in the hands that only a very few Master Glassmakers still use.
Natural subjects are my passion, especially invertebrates, so I have concentrated on reproducing different types of insects in glass. My works have been exhibited in museums all over the world, Nijima Glass Museum in Japan and the Wiener Museum of Decorative Art in Miami to name a few.
Venice is still the cradle of craftsmanship, the collecting that is created around my works fills me with pride.

Lista prodotti di Emanuel

Cetonia aurata


Chelorrhina kraatzi


Coptolabrus augustus (purple amber)


Coptolabrus augustus (purple blue)


Goliathus goliatus quadrimaculatus


Heterorrhina sexmaculata