"Murano glass is linked to ancient knowledge passed down over the centuries. It has the fascination of fire and the power to shape objects. I have been in love with it since I was a child. I respect the values of this craft and combine passion, scientific training and innovation."

Like all Murano glass blowers, Roberto has a great respect for tradition, but has decided to add something personal to the concept of the modern craftsman. Roberto loves to keep his hands busy, but he knows he is a child of the digital age. With this in mind, he introduced new processes into an art that has been virtually unchanging for centuries. Strengthened by this conviction, Roberto quickly became an innovator, as well as a point of reference within the Murano glass tradition.

Lista prodotti di Berto



Tropical Fish


Turquoise Blue Venetian Glass










White Venetian Glass

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Yellow Bird With Turned Head


Yellow Gilt-head Bream Fish


Yellow Parrot with open wings


Yellow Venetian Glass

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