We make cloaks, costumes and hats by hand in our Venetian workshop, in a sartorial style. Our designs are faithful to the models used in the Venetian carnival tradition. All wool, felt, cotton and satin fabrics are Made In Italy.

Lista prodotti di Silvana

Morosini Hat


Vessel's Captain Costume

Hooded Cloak with Polyester Composition

Unisex Cloak With Hood - Black

Ready to ship

Venetian Shirt Men


Cape With Lace


Ducal Unisex Cloak

Tricorn Hat - Made of Wool Felt

Classic Tricorn

Ready to ship

Colored Edge Tricorn


Golden Edge Tricorn

Ready to ship

Velvet Edge Tricorn Hat

Ready to ship

Black Bowler Hat

Ready to ship

Tricorn Hat with Lace and Feather


Grey Top Hat


Unisex Cloak With Hood - White

Ready to ship

Unisex Pure Wool Cloak


Black Top Hat


Belle Epoque Cylinder


Cylinder Lower


1900's Top Hat


White Barchetta


Unisex White Tricorne


Turquoise mini Barchetta


Small bowler


Unisex Big Tricorn


Contarini Hat Man


Stately Tricorn


French Policeman 18th Century


Medieval hat


Unisex Medieval De' Medici hat


Unisex Black Cloak With Hand Exit Slits In Velvet


Unisex Black Cloak With Hood In Velvet


Unisex Black Cape Pure Wool


Cloak With Hood Unisex- Red


Unisex Red Cloak With Hood In Velvet


Unisex Cloak In Lace Lined In Satin


Black Cloak With Frills


Unisex Black Cloak With Hood In Lace and Velvet


Pannier with Petticoat


Ducal Corno Hat


Bauta Emperor Costume