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Venetian Masquerade Masks: Which One To Choose?

Venetian Masquerade MasksAre you ready to attend your next ball mask to come? 

Well, for most of us choosing the perfect mask to wear in this kind of occasion isn't an easy game. So, here we are with some new suggestions for a venetian masquerade mask.

Before to start, there are some elements to consider such as the color of your dress to match and the kind of mask you feel like to wear for example columbine, mask with stick, with hat or full face.

For ladies, the columbine masks is always a good option. Try it with Swarovski Jewels for an elegant, charming taste. This item is totally handcrafted in Venice by the famous masters and it goes perfectly matched with full dress or party dress. 
Click here to watch the Duchess Columbine available in gold and silver version: https://originalveniceshop.com/en/venetian-masks/257-duchess-columbina/

If you want to be more daring, Diamond Helmet with Swarovski Jewels is certainly an original and stunning choice for a night to remember. 

Are you looking for something more classic? Marciana is an easy venetian mask to wear thanks to the ribbons provided. This mask is suitable both for traditional costume or evening dress. His and hers. You can find this mask here: https://originalveniceshop.com/en/venetian-masks/218-marciana/

Venetian masks with stick are a handy, practical solution for a party because they can be put on or take off if necessary. There are many styles to follow but the one we love the most is the Acanthus collection with its classic design perfect to match with different kind of costumes. You can take a look at the collection here: https://originalveniceshop.com/en/45-acanthus-leaf-collection/

If you have request of customization about colors or design don't hesitate to contact our staff, we will be glad to help you!
Contact us here:  https://originalveniceshop.com/en/content/9-contacts