A prestigious selection of Venetian Mirrors made with authentic Murano Glass by the glass masters. Every item is considered a unique piece of art, totally handmade.

Rialto (On Demand)

Lady and Gentleman Pair (On Demand)

Cannaregio (On Demand)

Dorsoduro (On Demand)

Accademia (On Demand)

Giudecca (On Demand)

Ducale (On Demand)

Zattere (On Demand)

Canal Grande (On Demand)

Rezzonico (On Demand)

Ausilia Table (On Demand)

Letizia Table (On Demand)

Castello (On Demand)

Diana Table (On Demand)

Dionisia Table (On Demand)

Ortensia Table (On Demand)

Minerva Table (On Demand)