Masquerade parties coming up? If you are looking for handcrafted, elegant,  mysterious and sensual party masks, in this article we have made a selection of  what may be right for you. 

We were inspired by Kubrick's famous cult film Eyes Wide Shut to choose them,  but if you haven't seen it, don't worry, in this article we help you choose the right  party masks for you depending on your personality and the party you want to go  to! 

Face masks: a timeless classic

'Fidelio' is the password to enter the mysterious masquerade party in Eyes Wide  Shut, and it is also the name of this splendid mask, inspired by the very  guardians at the entrance to the luxurious villa in the film. 

The Face Mask follows the shape of the human face, hiding it completely.

They are highly prized for their unflappable inexpressiveness, which makes them very  mysterious, and for the ample space available, which allows today's mascarists to  decorate them according to the occasion

If you think these are your ideal party masks, you can find some of them here.

Columbine: sensual and elegant masks

The Colombina mask is a typical Venetian mask that conceals only the upper part of  the face, leaving the mouth and chin uncovered.

It is a graceful and elegant mask, designed to interpret the female character of  Colombina in the Commedia dell'arte and thus enhance the beauty of the leading  actress. 

Over time, it became one of the most versatile party masks, worn by both men and  women who wanted to partially conceal their face to add a touch of mystery to  their face but still make it recognisable. Find all our columbine masks here

Half-face mask: luxury and baroque mystery

We now come to the beautiful Diamond Headgear, a Baroque-style mask inspired by  that of Bill (Tom Cruise), the protagonist of Eyes Wide Shut

The mask, unlike the one in the film, is not a complete face but only a half-face,  which will not allow you total anonymity (but then again, the original Eyes Wide Shut  mask did not save Bill from being recognised, so you might as well choose this one,  which will at least allow you to drink and generally be more comfortable during  t h e evening). 

You can find it here

If you are looking for party masks to avoid being recognised read on, we will soon  discuss the Venetian Bauta.

Venetian masks with feathers: bewitching conspicuousness

Before the Venetian bauta, let's talk about the other iconic mask from Eyes Wide  Shut, that of the charming and mysterious woman who sacrifices herself to save  Bill. Original Venice Shop offers you a wide selection of Venetian feather masks,  

ideal if you too want to remain imprinted in the memories of party-goers, as the  Mandy of the film has remained in the hearts of us all. 

Find Venetian masks with feathers here.

The Venetian bauta: mask of licentious parties

We finally arrive at party masks that are ideal for concealing one's identity

The bauta was the mask once most commonly used by Venetians when they  wanted to go incognito

What made it so popular for those who wanted to remain completely  anonymous? Its fortune derived from the peculiar shape of the mask's upper lip,  which was deformed and elongated to allow the wearer to eat and drink without  removing it and which produced the side effect of altering the voice, thus making it  impossible to recognise the wearer

If Bill, the protagonist of Eyes Wide Shut, had worn a bayou, they would never have  found out! 

Here you can find our handcrafted baute, from the most classic versions to the more modern reinterpretations.

we will never know who he is

Zanni: mischievous mask of the commedia dell'arte

Zanni is the mask of the Commedia dell' Arte, characterised by a curved, pointed  nose, who embodies the stereotype of the crude and vulgar servant, sometimes  wicked, who often tries to play tricks on his master. 

This mask is ideal if you want to pull pranks on your guests at the party and go  unpunished! 

You can find them here.

Jolly masks: provocatively irresistible

If you like the idea of being the element of chaos at the party but you don't like the Zanni Mask, why not go with the better known Jolly? 

Here you can find a great selection of joker party masks to become the most feared  guest of the evening

Animal Masks: concealed face to rediscover one's own nature

Do you want to conceal your face so that you can indulge in your most primal  instincts without having to feel ashamed? Why not then choose the face of an  animal that best embodies your most hidden side

Here you can choose from various masks, to find the one most akin to your  inner beast. 

Gnaga: cat mask

The gnaga was once a typically male mask, but today fortunately these  distinctions no longer exist, or at least that is what we hope (feel free to wear  whatever mask you wish!). 

However, it remains in the collective imagination as a mask linked to sensualityIdeal if at the party you hope to approach the person you have been aiming  for for a long time! You can find our cat masks here

Metal filigree sexy masks

Still on the subject of sensuality, if you want to dare more, we can only recommend  these sexy metal filigree masks

This technique leaves much of the face uncovered, yet manages to conceal just  enough to create a tantalizing see-through effect to fascinate and catch the  eyes of those around you. 

These party masks we propose are all the work of master Vincenzino, who has  specialised for years in the use of metal filigree and the creation of mysterious  and sexy masks, and you can find them here

Lace masks: intriguing yet discreet

If you are looking for a see-through effect similar to filigree masks but are looking for  something more comfortable, we have a selection of lace masks here for you.

Where and when to use these masks? If you have seen 50 Shades of Grey you know it better than we do. 

(It is no coincidence that the mask in the photo is called Anastasia).

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